Saturday, May 16, 2015

Status Update

Well, me folken, I am officially making the leap from cyber busker to trying to sell my music for a living. As in, I'm going to be putting a price on it and distributing it to online stores, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc. There is no cause for alarm! My page will still be the home of the Snail Tunes with no plans in the near future to change my "name your price" policy there, and all of my music will be made available there before anywhere else. SoundCloud will also continue to be my main means of sharing my music across social media platforms. You Have Failed Us will continue to be the homepage of all my art. 

In other words, for those who have been making the journey with me and know where to look, I'm still here to entertain for tips, and content not available in stores will be available to my precious League of Determined Snails through the usual means. But the rest of the world will find me more widely available by the more traditionally capitalistic means. These wide releases will be fewer and farther between than the every-other-week EPs that y'all have been become accustomed to. I've been considering making Instrumental my first wide release, but for this occasion I'm also thinking about putting together a new album-length record tentatively titled Era. If anyone has anything more pretentious in mind, I'm open to suggestions. 

That's pretty much what y'all can expect for the next release. Either that, or something along the lines of a deluxe release of Pentacental specifically for the League while this Era project (which will pretty much be and alternate version of Instrumental with tracks that have been released since) goes out far and wide for a price. So that's what I've been working on and what is new in the Land of Nym. I'd love to hear if anyone has ideas on what I can do for my first wide release. And if anyone has any art to contribute to the cause (as I'm going to avoid using art by Giger, Howe, and Palencar without their/their estates' permission) I'd be most very appreciative and of course give credit where credit is due. 

May your inner snails remain resilient and determined!
- Nym