Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Operation Cloud Rescue A Success!

That's right; thanks to very generous and unwavering support, not only have I been able to upgrade to a pro plan on SoundCloud, but I've been able to sign up for a year-long plan! That means I won't have to do this again next month or the month after that, and so on, and I'll have to make three more hours worth of music to be in danger of repeating this issue! While I'm constantly generating new material, including alternate versions and remixes, I think by the time I have six hours worth of material we'll all be able to agree that some of it could stand to be trimmed away.

I'm very impressed and proud to say that not a single song had to be even temporarily sacrificed! I don't have permission to name any names, so I'm just going to have to say, THANK YOU!!! You know who you are and your support has more value than I can express in song, but I'll keep on trying, and I'll keep on creating as long as there are people like you lending your ears and your support! Every artist should be so fortunate to have such a wonderful audience! And I can't express my appreciation in exclamation marks, so I'll cut that shit out.

A lull has been reached in my planned releases, and for now I don't feel the need to construct an EP out of existing material, so I'll just be focusing on writing new material, generating new ideas, and making minor improvements to the blog. I have a couple possibilities for an upcoming EP roughly outlined, but nothing will be ready for public consumption until next week. Maybe during this time I'll finally get around to writing down the Snail's adventures with the Bagman... We'll see. No guarantees. For me, the muse for writing stories is more elusive to grasp than the muses of music.

To celebrate, here's the SoundCloud playlist for Progress Report which would have been sacrificed very early on if Cloud Rescue had not succeeded. The next to be made incomplete would have been the playlist for Progress Report - The Alternate Spin, which is available in the sidebar for the time being. Enjoy, and know that because of the generosity of another, it is available free and streaming from SoundCloud.