Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Operation Cloud Rescue Post-Script

I just remembered that all of the streaming players on "The Songs" page of this blog are from SoundCloud! "The Songs" has proven to be one of the most-visited pages on this site; I'll have to revamp the entire page if I have to start removing songs from SoundCloud! PLEASE HELP preserve the Cloud, y'all!

And while I'm here posting on the subject, the first song to be removed will be "The Trip Begins," within the next day or two. I'm starting with this song because I mainly posted it as filler during a time I didn't have much else going on. It's not especially dear to me; I'm fond of the original, but I've lost the original version of this song. Anyway, it definitely feels best to start with a song I'm not all that attached to. However, to each their own, so if you want to grab it before it's gone, it's available for direct download from this player.

As a reminder, you can donate to preserving all of my music for free on SoundCloud by clicking the "Support Cyber Busking" button in the right-hand sidebar on this page, or by leaving a tip when you download my music on NoiseTrade or when you "name your price" for my music on Bandcamp.com.

Addendum: For the time being, there will be no updates made on "The Songs" page, as I may have to redo the whole thing if songs are to be sacrificed. I have an idea on how to avoid that on this page, but it will still be very time consuming and essentially I will have to scrap it all and then piece it back together. This could be a blessing in disguise, as this page has always had formatting issues. We'll see.

Updates will proceed on "The Records" page however, and you can expect The Hypnotic Jamboree to be joining the others shortly. A Waltz For Giger has already been added, I just didn't think the update major enough to write a post about it. You could say it quietly waltzed its way onto the page... Anyone? I only hear crickets...

In other update news, regular visitors may notice that "The Manic Widow" has disappeared from the tabs underneath the header! Not to fear! Look to the top of the right-hand sidebar where a list of fiction pages has been begun under the title "Snail Tales." There, the Widow has been joined by Jade in "A Jaded Beltaine," and I hope the list will grow and grow over time. The Bagman's story, which I mentioned briefly in the release post for Jamboree, still has yet to be told...