Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quick Shouts

Hello, me folken! Just a couple of quick requests:

First, if you are a Google user (as most everyone who has an email account is these days), I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to click on over to my new compilation - and first widely distributed album! - on Google Play and give it a quick +1 to help increase its visibility. If you could encourage your friends, family, circles, whatever, to do the same, well, this bearded lady couldn't ask for more, and as thanks I can point you in the direction of some free that "Snail Tunes Store" button in the right-hand sidebar, or if you follow or visit The Lady on Facebook (again, there's a button over there for that) I often point folken in the direction of free music that I stumble across, such as pretty much ALL of Amanda Palmer's music. The music's not mine to offer, but the tip is!

Another request is for donations of 2D artwork that I can use for album art and promotional material, stuff that could end up splattered all over my Facebook, my Google+ page, my page, and this blog! As you may know, I love to promote other artists, so I would not just be using your art, but promoting the shit out of it as well! What I'm looking for is art with a fantastical, faery tail, alien, earthy, or unearthly feel to it, such as the art by John Jude Palencar, John Howe, and H.R. Giger that I've been using without permission. I've been personally scolded by Mr. Palencar - who is of course perfectly within his rights and could have had his lawyers contact me instead - and it pains me because even I associate characters in his art with my music and stories now, but I'm respecting his wishes and ceasing to continue the use of his art, and if I could replace what I've already used with art by willing donors, that would be ideal. So please, I know there are many talented artists among my friends and audience who have had trouble getting their names out there, or are "amateurs" who haven't yet found it within themselves to expose their art to the public...give me some art to use and promote and we could both benefit!

Lastly, I'm looking for music enthusiasts and aspiring writers who would like to give writing an interview or review (or both combined!) of The Lady and the Tunes that I could post here and on social media for promotional purposes. It doesn't matter if no one's ever heard of you; if you're writing as if you have the authority to do so, people tend to believe you do. Shit, hundreds of people read this blog that I started three months ago and my short stories have a decent audience now as well, all because I simply chose to write for the public and found a way to make it available. This is another case of, "Hey, we both benefit from this!" Your name gets out there as a writer and more attention is turned toward my music!

That is all for now! Any submissions, inquiries, or offers can be made through commenting on this blog or messaging me on Facebook! Thanks for your attention; I hope everyone's snails are sliming their way through a good day.