Friday, September 11, 2015

Too Clever

Just a few updates for blog readers, and to bring them all into focus in one place for everyone in general. First off, in a ridiculously roundabout way, I've made Occultation available for $5. You may have even been following The Lady's posts on Google+ and Facebook and not even noticed, it's so roundabout. So here is my clever marketing scheme, spelled out: A single from the album including "An Arcane Son" and "A Most Resilient Snail" was made at available the Snail Tunes store (where everything is "name your price, no minimum" - so, free, unless you tip) early on, like a couple days before the album was even released, I think. Then, as a reward to patrons of The Lady on Patreon (for those pledging $1 or more) and an exclusive for members of The League of Extraordinary Snails (subscription is $5 minimum), a single for "I Will Dim My Light Only Enough To Not Blind You" was made available." Almost two weeks ago, "The Last Waltz," "The Cloud Walkers," and "Wrong Pocket Kinda Day" became available on Selenophilia at Snail Tunes. Following that, I released an EP exclusive to patrons pledging $5 or more and to League members called The Occultation Sessions that contains all the tracks from prior Snail Tunes releases that were edited and remastered for their inclusion on Occultation, as well as the new Alternate Spins of "Pentadactyl" and "The Replicant." Add all this to other tracks available on previous releases - "Waltz With Lilith (Claim)" can be found on Nefelibata, and "Slowly Scooting Closer" and "I, Supplicant" can be found on both Nefelibata and Selenophilia - and you have all sixteen tracks on Occultation as they appear on that album. Well, except for "The Cloud Walkers," which was edited and updated for Selenophilia. Complicated enough for ya? Here:

So, to put it simply, between what you can get for free from the Snail Tunes store and what you can get by pledging $5 on Patreon or paying the $5-minimum subscription fee for League membership, you can have all the contents of the second commercial album. It may be the most complicated, but it's the best deal you're gonna get on the album, and I say that with a certain authority. I may be a primarily non-commercial artist, but I do want to do this for a living, and that means finding ways to make money off of this. The songs that made their debut on Occultation are more than likely to find their way onto future non-commercial releases (actually, only "I Will Dim My Light Only Enough To Not Blind You" hasn't yet), but I don't think the contents of Sessions will. They're just so...Phase Two, y'know?

Ugh, so that means I'm really trying to get you to give me money for edited and remastered versions of songs that are already free! Gods, I'm a douchebag! But there you have it. You can make a one-time payment of $5, snatch up the remaining single and Sessions, then cancel your subscription/future pledges, and have all the rest for free from the Snail Tunes store...that is, if you're a douchebag and don't leave a tip! HA! Works both ways now, don't it?

But there are more exclusives/rewards available in the $5 category to make it totally worth your while. I'm not really a I? Nah, 'cause even just a $1 pledge at Patreon will get you a single of an instrumental (sin palabras - minus vocals) version of the new song "Lily White," a demo of which (with vocals) is on Selenophilia. But moving on to $5 pledges and League membership: there's still A Waltz For Giger - The Complete Collection to be had, along with Era, which I'm kind of sad to say I'll be retiring soon. You see, back when Era was first released, it had tracks on it that had yet to be made available outside of Patreon, where it debuted. Now, all the songs are available on various Snail Tunes releases and the only things unique about Era are the artwork and the track listing. So, if you're interested in it, grab it now while you still can! And just so y'all know, this does mean that new supporter-exclusive album (tentatively and unimaginatively titled A New Era) will be on the way.

So, now that we're all caught up, I'm going to close with posting a private share of the hidden bonus track from Selenophilia, "Mattresside." I hope y'all are enjoying the encroaching autumn weather!