Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Era Updates

Man, sometimes you just gotta say, fuck self-imposed deadlines. Due to distractions from my personal life, A New Era will not be quite ready for release tomorrow. If I worked at a feverish pace, I might be able to get it done tonight, but I'm just not going to do that to myself, both for my own sake and for the sake of putting together a quality product with properly finished songs. However, people can look forward to an outstanding collection of music with all-new songs and remixes coming very soon!

I've also decided to keep the original ERA on as a Patron/Leaguer reward for the time being. After taking more time to think it through, it makes the most sense to first offer A New Era to the $10+ tier of pledgers at Patreon while ERA remains available to the $5+ tier as well as League members. Once the new songs from A New Era are available on an EP to everyone, though, A New Era will be downgraded and that's when ERA will vanish for good. This will likely happen mid-October.

When this happens, the remixes I'm including on A New Era will still be exclusive to this album. I've decided not to include them on the next EP. Only the completely original songs will be making it on there. There's also another song which is up in the air on this decision: a certain bonus track from Selenophilia that's being redeveloped into a new song with a new title.

So, what you can expect from A New Era when it arrives: a selection of tunes spanning all of the work so far with two all-new songs, two remixes, and this redevelopment of said bonus track. Hopefully within the next week.

And then, a new EP released sometime during October!

To get your hands on ERA before time runs out, sign up for a League membership or visit The Lady on Patreon where you can also make a pledge that will earn you song previews and demos as well as a download of A New Era as soon as it arrives! Downloads of A Waltz For Giger - The Complete Collection and The Occultation Sessions are still available through both platforms, and downloads of Artist's Editions of Instrumentality and Occultation are still available to the $10+ tier of pledgers at Patreon.