Saturday, January 16, 2016

Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month

Hey, folken! As you may have read in the previous article, The Lady is participating in the Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month competition for the month of February! Normally, I'm not much for competition, or asking people to Like, Share, or vote, especially in my favor. This is kind of new territory for me. What I'm going to ask is this: if you enjoy my music, why not go ahead and vote for me? And if you're going to take the time to vote, do you perhaps also have time to check out these other fine artists in the competition? This whole thing, after all, is simply an exercise in independent artists doing what it's most difficult to do, which is getting our music heard and spreading the word. That's how I see this, at any rate. So, if you do take a moment to vote, please keep these other artists in mind and give them a chance when you have a moment. Thank you, dear folken. Good luck to us all!