Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And So It Begins...Obfuscate

Well, here it is folken, the first EP of Phase IV as well as 2016.

As Selenophilia with Occultation, this EP serves to start making tracks previously only available on Jaded freely available to the public, so we have the latest rendition of "Jade's Theme" making an appearance, as well as "The Seventh Swan," "Dorian," and "Cold Sunlight." Patron, Leaguers, and blog readers should already be familiar with "A Good Mourning."

New to everyone, however, are "Solace" and "Sublimate." The choosing of these songs is in keeping with a lighter tone for this record - or at least, not so darkwave, goth, or metal-influenced as most of the previous Phase. I'm saving that for the next release, which will be coming very soon. Much sooner than usual.

With so much new material that I've been sitting on while holding off on publishing, and then promoting, Jaded, there's been a lot of backup, and therefore there's also been a lot to choose from. Rather than publishing everything in the order it's been written - as my patrons will no doubt observe - I've decided to do a back-to-back release of two EPs that are sort of a yin and yang to each other, and somewhat ripping off System of a Down while doing so. As that band did with their Hypnotize and Mesmerize records, I will be publishing Obfuscate and Sublimate back to back (well, a week apart). Also, as System of a Down did, the title tracks for these records will be on their "opposite," meaning the song "Obfuscate" will be included on next week's release.

The week-long gap will give me time to promote the seven songs at the usual song-a-day rate, while letting Sublimate's songs sit on my head, giving me an opportunity to tweak them and put in some finishing touches, should inspiration occur (as it no doubt will).

This back-up of material also means that already have enough songs written, recorded, and mostly ready for a new compilation album already, which is not-so-tentatively titled Radiate. I'll be holding off on publishing that until sometime next month though, while I continue to write and prepare for the follow-up to Jaded. In the meantime, leading up to the one-year anniversary of the debut EP Progress Report on February 19th, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, which I think I'll exercise some of my new-found skills for patience and surprise and not disclose here.

I will announce, however, that in a couple days time, the open-to-the-public voting will begin for the Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month for February, and I'll be running. Please vote! I won't directly say "vote for me," know who I want you to vote for. So keep your eyes open for the link, which I'll be posting here on the blog when the polls open! Wish me luck, folken. I have another Starlight Music-themed surprise for y'all to help sway your vote in my favor, so keep your eyes open for that as well!

I really don't have that much else to say right now, which makes for an exceedingly brief release article for this record, but I guess if I think of anything else, I can always blog about it later. Until then, may your inner snails be resilient and determined, and please, enjoy the new record!