Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Entering The Between

Just a brief update since I've been absent from the blog for a few days.

First, that I've been approached by French vocalist/lyricist LaVoyce to co-produce a track. We've worked out terms, keeping everything simple, fair, and straightforward, and I'll be writing new music which she will then write original lyrics and lay down vocals for. I'm pretty excited and can't believe this is the kind of thing that's happening in my life. I still feel like a pretender, an amateur, like everyone's going to realize I actually have no talent all at once, or that an independently-released self-published digital release is really no kind of record at all. It was so surreal when Brian Viglione (of The Dresden Dolls and The Violent Femmes) left a comment on my Facebook page, even if it was only just "?!" and I'm pretty sure it's soul purpose was to fuck with me. I mean, one of my favorite musicians couldn't possibly have taken a look at The Lady anoNYMous' Facebook page... And then there was that online conversation I had with Kinnie Starr, who made three albums I own and who I've been listening to for ten years, about art and work ethic and what it is to be a working artist. That didn't really happen, did it? She didn't check out the aforementioned Facebook page and describe it as "DEADLY," you know, in a good way. That kind of thing doesn't happen in my life. I mean, I know I met before, years ago, but that was another lifetime and that didn't really happen to me, either.

So there's NO WAY that I would wake up one morning, check my Facebook, then check the Facebook of this fake person who has this fake job who exists entirely in my head, to find that a real singer in fucking France (I mean, France isn't even a real place, right?) wants to work on a song with me. Like this person somehow came across my music on the Internet (who knows how because I can't even grasp that someone beyond my Facebook friends are actually hearing all this shit that I'm putting out there), a person who's actually a talented singer, who's been recorded and worked with other artists, and wants this fake music that I make backing her beautiful voice. I am secretly suspecting that she doesn't actually exist, I mean, so far I've only exchanged a couple emails with her representative, who is undeniably French, so maybe FRANCE actually exists, and he's probably a con artist who's trying to get me to email him an original composition...why? Anyone can download my music for free...

Hell, who cares why, right? It's just painfully obvious that there's some grand conspiracy to fuck with me. Huh. Maybe all of this being real is actually more plausible...

Well, a brief update has turned into a rant full of name-dropping and me going, "Oh, my stars...!" and so, let's just cut the shit: I'm taking a brief break, and I won't be promoting like crazy while I'm working on this track for LaVoyce. Maybe I'll get inspired to publish some writings on here, but it's going to be pretty quiet on the music front for a little while, except to throw up some shit like this:

Now, that's a song that's rapidly getting old in comparison to my others. It's about the same age as "Glory and Wrath," actually, but this one's never been finished to my satisfaction. So, some "B-sides and rarities" type stuff, the kind of material that musicians release when they're running a little dry on inspiration, might be appearing on Soundcloud and Facebook. I don't think that kind of thing will really justify new blog posts, so keep your attention tuned in those directions for anything that might pop out of me, aside from any writing.

With that, I will bid you all a fond farewell until next time. May your inner snails prove resilient and determined.