Monday, March 23, 2015

Dusk Devils / The Witching Hour (UPDATE: Dusk Devils Rejected!)

For a very limited time
For my friends, fans, and followers
as well as those who may stumble upon me
I give you the "before vocals" version
of my collaboration with LaVoyce:
"Dusk Devils" or "The Witching Hour"

UPDATE: This morning I received the following email:

"Hey Nim. Sorry to disapoint, but I have downloaded the track and I don't think it will suit LaVoyce. I've forwarded her the track and wait to her feedback, but I'm quit sure that this kind of slow descriptive composition is not really adjusted for her... Please, wonder yourself about the kind of sing that you would add to that track ? Don't hesitate to contact us back when you have an other proposition."

I think I'm going to take this as a compliment and a challenge. I know my music is unconventional in some ways and does not lend itself to pop/rock sensibilities or structures, and I like the way he used "descriptive composition" to describe this song. But slow? Come on, it becomes a straight-up rock song in the middle with that rapid bass line, piano banging, and vicious string-strokes. Anyway, it may not suit LaVoyce, and I may write a song in the future that will suit her better, but this song wanted to be written, and it took me for a fun ride, showing me every twist and turn it wanted to make and take. This was a song that basically wrote itself and used me as a tool for its manifestation, and those songs are my favorites. If vocals are to be written for it, they need to lend themselves to the song, not vice versa. And I may be able to take this task on myself. We'll see. I've been itching to add my voice to my music, but have been nervous and hesitant about doing so, as my voice is recovering from a traumatized esophagus and isn't nearly as malleable as it once was.

The real point of this update is that, as it is no longer part of another artist's work in progress, I am no longer in any hurry to remove this piece from public exposure, so enjoy it at your leisure and follow  The Lady anoNYMous on Soundcloud.

May your inner snails be resilient and determined.