Sunday, February 14, 2016

An announcement!

As usual, the upcoming commercial release, Revolutions is going to be made available to Patrons pledging $10 or more toward the next Snail Tunes release or Snail Tale, and also as usual, it will be an Artist's Edition with bonus content; this time three extra tracks (for a total of nineteen), as well as unique track art and a PDF booklet.

So, this post is basically an advertisement for that, and the fact that it will be released to those Patrons on the anniversary date of Progress Report, February 19th, before the commercial release of the album! So the skinny of it is, if you pledge $10 or more now toward the next non-commercial Snail Tunes release - which will be in March, so you won't even be charge until April 1st - you'll instantly have access to all of that tiers' rewards (which is all of them, including the Artist's Editions of the previous three albums, as well as the Patron-exclusive compilations Vjetor and A New Era, plus the early releases of the Hypnotic Jamboree update Revival and the Anniversary Spin of Progress, that's a lot!) you'll also have access to the Artist's Edition of Revolutions when it's released to Patrons on the 19th! So, um, what are you waiting for? Click the image to visit Patreon!

And in case you're feeling uncertain about letting an album you have yet to hear be your deciding factor, I can tell you that all the original, non-Jaded tracks from the Obfuscate/Sublimate releases will be included, as well as several all-new original tunes, including the four in the playlist below for the teaser-EP Matriculated.

Now, I will stop being pushy and leave you with this: let your inner snail be your guide.