Thursday, July 30, 2015

UPDATED Nearing Occultation - A Preview

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. So far this summer, not only have posts to this blog been few and far between. After an initial flurry of activity at the beginning of June for the creation of my Patreon page there was a long silence between musical releases until Nefelibata, and now there has been a long silence following that release as well. There are two factors at work here, I believe: one is that I'm not pressuring myself as much as I was initially to constantly be releasing new material out of the fear that people will forget my existence if I have a period of silence. That I'm able to do this is partly self discipline, but also partly because I'm getting the sense that I have begun to establish myself, and the numbers I've been seeing and the interactions I've been having have helped to support that.

The second factor is that I'm not recycling material as often, so there is no longer a new seven-track EP being released for every two new songs. I'm hoping that this makes the wait between releases more worthwhile and also helps give my audience a sense of anticipation. And speaking of building anticipation, I'm also getting pretty good about not releasing every song to the public as soon as I've finished writing and recording it. Partly, I have Patreon as an outlet for that now, as well as the League of Extraordinary Snails membership club and Apple Music Connect. So if I feel like sharing everything as I'm doing it, there are special places for that where my paying supporters can have the "privilege" of that bombardment. But I'm also practicing keeping a few things secret and extra-special for them as well so that they have something to anticipate when a release occurs, so those patrons on Patreon still have a couple surprises waiting for them when a special edition of Occultation arrives as an exclusive for them... For the rest of you, don't worry: Occultation will be available for free streaming through various sites, and a new free EP is also on the way, to be released shortly after I'm done with the promoting circus for the new album.

And speaking of promoting the new album: the main reason for this post today is to share here, at the hub of my artistic endeavors, what has already been being spread through social media. Two new songs from Occultation have gone online during this past week. First, "An Arcane Son," a song I was initially collaborating with Alejandro Saldarriaga Calle of The Arcane Insignia on before we turned our attentions in a different direction, was released for streaming on Apple Music Connect, and I posted it through my main social media outlets (being Facebook, Google Plus, and Tsu). Today, instead of my usual Jukebox post (for those who are unfamiliar, it's a daily social media post of one of my songs) I decided to release "A Most Determined Snail" - being a fusion of "A Determined Snail" and "The Snail Plays Piano" with added instrumentation - as a pre-album release single.

When I realized I was being shamefully negligent of my blog in all of this - as this is supposed to be the hub of my artistic activities and should be one of the first places (if not the first place) that I post new content and news - I had to gather both songs onto a Bandcamp single for this post. So here it is! In anticipation of the new album, here's a single containing both songs that have been publicly previewed for y'all to stream and download freely and at your leisure.

May your inner snails remain resilient and determined, me folken.

UPDATE: The following single has been updated with material that reflects the finished product of Occultation and has also become an official part of the Snail Tunes discography rather than just a teaser for the commercial album, as the current plan is to not include these two songs on the upcoming EP.